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Miss Seven Valleys, Miss Heart of NY, & Miss Jubilee (2/26/06)
Miss Finger Lakes (2/25/06)
Valentine Pageant (2/19/06)
National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans (2/14/06)
Greater Niagara Outstanding Teen 2006 (2/11/06)
Miss Niagara Gala (2/10/06)
Wilson School District (2/3/06)
Miss Buffalo 2006 (1/30/06)
Special Olympics of Erie County (1/22/06)
Martin Luther King Day Celebration (1/16/06)
Lori Caso Show (1/10/06)
Houston Trip (1/06)
BFNC Basket Project (12/21/, 12/22/05)
Food Bank of WNY (12/16/05)

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Jennifer's Year

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Miss Greater Niagara 2006!